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IRspec Corporation provides near infrared cameras, image sensors, and signal processing modules for weak optical signal detection.


Extremely low noise and high amplification characteristics have been implemented by the phototransistors having the SCB (Surface Current Block) structure.

This technology has been extended to fabricating infrared image sensors with lower dark current and higher image resolution. The near infrared VGA camera has been commercialized with those InGaAs image sensors.

The InGaAs image sensors have been formed by bonding PD arrays on Read-Out ICs with advanced technology which utilizes gold micro bumps. This bonding can be done near room temperature so that strain caused by differences in thermal expansion coefficients of two different materials is minimized. Also gold bump bonding provides better reliability in long term usage and better mechanical reliability compared to soft metal bonging.

 InGaAs Camera Catalog

■ High sensitivity with peltier cooling

■ NEP 3x10-17W/pixel/Hz
■ Wide dynamic range of 9 decade due to
  logarithmic image correction
■ Spectral Range: 970 to 1650nm
  Infrared Microscope Catalog

IRspec Corporation can offer various design services of semiconductor sensor design, array sensors, sensor circuitry, and related software.

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